Our Brain Power

Sacrum Technologies

Staff Augmentation:

The world is changing. Today’s challenges in the corporate world in particular is skills and real time experience of the professionals working in the organization. We help the corporate houses to keep extensively trained employees who are updated with the latest in the business environment. Our approach to first understand your unique business challenges and opportunities and then provide best practices and solutions to drive business. Our talent pool of brain power in our w2 is rapidly growing. We strive to give the best of the talents to our customers by following stringent checks on: technical screening, reference check, back ground checks and drug checks. We meet the talents in person provide them enough knowledge on the client environment and see if they are 100% fit for our clients. We have been successful in providing the tried and trusted talents to our clients, the repeat opportunity given to us has provided motivation in whatever we do bring value to our clients. We have most sought after talents in SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Data warehousing, ETL, Cloud integration and Mobility in North America.

Talented workforce:

Our Mantra: "providing IT solutions in your backyard" – we strive every moment to provide you with the technological advantage in choosing the best of human capital. Our biggest asset is our brain power. As a result we focus on our w2 employees who comes with variety of project implementations. We continuously provide them skill development opportunities, career planning services and new technology trainings. The business environment is changing every moment. Clients are demanding to partner with companies to provide staffing solutions that match demand and supply and understand the project deadlines.


Sacrum Technologies continuously hires talents with unique skill sets and niche skills helping us to offer clients the most cost effective and industry specific staffing solutions. Our process involves:

  • We follow comprehensive technical screening by our practice heads, strict reference check, back ground checks and drug checks.
  • We follow the practice of talent management capabilities, we work on the various strategies for planning and positioning specific talents by summarizing each talents according to the project and client environment suitability.
  • We build up our pool of talents from ex consultants and clients referrals who comes with right attitude and chemistry to deliver excellence in any client environment.

Hard to find skills:

Sacrum Technologies has the power to connect, integrate and realize. We specialize in recruiting the most of the hard to find skills in all major technologies giving us an edge to help clients in timely completion of projects within the budget. We everyday continuously work on adding these talents in our pool, maintain relationship and provide timely industry information. Sacrum Technologies has the ability to help clients bring best of the talents in SAP, Oracle, Data warehousing, Salesforce, mobility, networking and web development.

Sacrum Technologies Advantage:

  • Industry best in class performance guarantee for every talent
  • Largest pool of tried and tested talents
  • High consultant retention rate
  • Our consultants come with over 10 years of real time industry experience
  • Cost saving, we work on ongoing relationship, we save you over 25% from most of the staffing agencies
  • Most of the talents are our w2 employees and we offer only trusted consultants
  • We have the geographical advantage, we can offer talents from our pool for any location