BI and Data Warehousing Services

Sacrum Technologies

Challenges - Due to the unpredictability of business environment, some of the main issues encountered from a Data consolidation standpoint includes:

  • Disparate data sources
  • Same data existing in multiple sources, no single version of the truth
  • Different Technologies
  • Different pieces of data come in different time

These issues only become thornier through the increasing intricateness of the enterprise because of proliferation of multiple systems, locations, dynamics of mergers and acquisitions, etc. Often times, Senior Executives spend more time in pondering and solving data issues rather than facing business issues head on.

Half of the creation of data warehouses is typically centered on the design and implementation of ETL processes. Shoddy ETL processes prove costly to maintain and enhance. Thus, it is of prime importance to make wise choices in terms of technology and tools that shall be used in creating them.

Some of the numerous technological approaches and solutions available on the market include:

  • Traditional engine-based ETL products
  • RDBMS proprietary solutions
  • Third-generation ELT solutions, based on a code-generation approach that uses the power of the RDBMS engines to perform the data transformations

Although extremely useful, enterprise data warehousing projects can prove to be complicated and dicey. Endeavors tend to fail practically as much as they succeed due to the failure to adapt swiftly to ever shifting business conditions or requirements.
The essential steps in planning an efficient data warehousing strategy include:

  • Data integration and reconciliation
  • Data quality and master data management (MDM)
  • Iterative delivery
  • Packaged data warehousing applications
  • Data warehouse/ Application performance
  • Deployment and change management

Sacrum Technologies offers data warehouse design, build, implement and maintenance services. Our experts with years of experience have been working on processing requirements have the desire and prowess to deliver high performance data warehouses.